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Who Are We? Some North Carolina Christians Who Care About the Needs of Others and the Proclamation of The Gospel of Christ

Help Them Get a Well in Their Village!
On a trip to Peru, Richard Price took this photo of children who spend many hours a day just getting water for the next day.  He captured the essence of the need for many families in that country.  The 2007 earth quake did much damage to the clean water system in many villiages.  Wells of Living Water International is dedicated to meet the need and establish Bible-Believing church in the same villages.  Will you help? 
Contact Alan Parker to ask what you can do. 
Click Here for info page and Youtube video:
On February 23rd, the US Airforce transported, by  C-17 aircraft, a well-drilling rig, a service truck, a tool bus, a 400 gal. water trailer, and 3000 lbs. of good, used clothing from Charleston AFB to Lima, Peru.  The Wells of Living Water Team went to Peru the week of August 29th to begin the very first drilling of wells in that country. 
Contact Ken Andrews if you are interested in working on future drilling trips.  



Well-Drilling Rig and Crew Ready to Begin Test Drilling in an Area Called Huaral,
North of Lima, August 31st, 2011
For a great Fund Raising Project that helps your school, or organization and Wells of Living Water, click this link:
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